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chronos theatertexte

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Einer von uns

von Stefan Schroeder

One of us

2m; for age of 13+

Ben is under a cloud of being responsible for the disappearance of student Daniel because Ben didn't miss any opportunity to bully and attack Daniel. All evidence seems to proof that he might have gone even further this time. The investigating superintendent tries to make him speak out with all means. But Ben as well is able to play the psychological range and so they both live through a tenacious struggle of the different aspects of being a delinquent and a victim, they both skilfully set free anxieties and fantasies. Thereby both still don't put their cards on the table.

On the set of a common crime storyline and motive structure the piece plays a witty game around truth and lie, with missing information and false conclusions – and a surprising ending.

Besetzung: 2 Herr(en)
Alter: empfohlen ab 13
Uraufführung: 11.03.2015, T.a.F. Theater am Fluss, Schwerte (Regie: Stefan Schroeder)

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