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Kleckermann und Kind

von Reihaneh Youzbashi Dizaji

Kleckermann und Kind: Messy Man and the kid

3 actors/actresses, for age of 8+, free for WP

Messy Man is in a big hurry. He urgently has to make it to an appointment and he is, as always, late. He walks and snuffles and is too slow and a little appetite is there again as well. That's why he can't stand the fact that a cheeky kid is following him all the time making fun of the many spots on his shirt. They start to argue but the kid is stubborn. It simply crosses paths with Messy Man again and again. Despite oft he defence oft he one character and the intrusiveness of the other a cautious friendship starts to unfold between the two. when Messy Man realizes how lonesome and frightened the kid is, h, he tells the story of the fish boy, who also wanted to escape loss by plunging into another world, the world of the fishes.

Messy Man who seems to be like a stranded whale in his life and the kid that tries to plunge to escape the depressing reality: Both characters in Reihaneh Youzbashi Dizaji's new play don't quite feel like the proverbial "fish in the water" though they would like to. Together they find a playful language to deal with loss and solitude. Messy Man and the kid, the unequal but deeply moving friends, they give each other new hope in the end.   

Besetzung: 3-4 Darsteller
Alter: empfohlen ab 8
Uraufführung: frei zur UA

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