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von Victor Hugo / Stefan Schroeder

Frei nach Victor Hugos "Der Glöckner von Notre-Dame"

Freely adapted from Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre-Dame; 3f – 7m; age 12+; awaiting first production

"Such a man can’t be human!" Quasimodo: the grotesque, the monster, the hunchback, the fiend from hell, the freak. For 16 years this creature has been living at the home of Frollo, the priest at Notre-Dame. Every hour he rings the bells, having been made half deaf by the noise. He has long since ceased to be a child, and he doesn’t trust Frollo as blindly as he did before. But Frollo is the only person Quasimodo knows, for no-one else has ever spoken to him. No-one apart from Frollo could ever look at him without being disgusted. Then one day he meets Esmeralda – the beautiful, dancing Esmeralda. For the first time in his life Quasimodo attempts to hold a conversation, learns what emotions are, and what it is to confide in another person. But this is the year 1482, and at this time there can be no happy ending for a witch and a monster. For neither of them conform to what society has defined as "human".
The more measured mind of today tends not to think in terms of witches and monsters, and yet the tale of the unfortunate hunchback has by no means lost its relevance. It vividly illustrates the unthinking way in which we still pass judgement on bodies and souls in accordance with criteria that seem to us to be quite ‘natural’. In all such visions and judgements of people lurks the presumption of superiority and the right to dominate.
"The Jewish tradition is loath to measure someone with a rule, because one measures the dead – for a coffin. This is what gives pleasure to the manipulators of bodies. They measure others – though they don’t even know it – with the eye of the coffin-maker. But they betray themselves when they give voice to the result: they call the person tall, short, fat or heavy." (T.W. Adorno)

Besetzung: 3 Dame(n) , 7 Herr(en)
Alter: empfohlen ab 12
Frei zur: UA

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