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chronos theatertexte

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Raue See und Roter Teufel

von Stefan Schroeder

Die Geschichte des Klaus Störtebeker

Rough Sea and Red Devil

1f – 8m; age 12+

During a brawl between some drunken sailors, 16-year-old Jan happens by chance to save the life of Klaus Störtebeker, who at this time is still a respectable seaman. Störtebeker subsequently grants Jan his dearest wish, which is to go to sea. The boy signs on to serve aboard Störtebeker’s ship, not knowing that in a short time his honourable shipmate will turn into the most notorious pirate of all time. Jan initially goes along with this transformation, but suffers increasing pangs of conscience and finds himself in ever more dangerous confrontations with Störtebeker.  

Besetzung: 1 Dame(n) , 8 Herr(en)
max. Rollenzahl: 21
Alter: empfohlen ab 12
Für junge Akteure ab: 14

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