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chronos theatertexte

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von Walter Kohl

A hotel in the mountains in winter: skiing paradise for some, and a hard grind for others. In the staff room, three people are bored to tears: Waltraud, known as "Dubby Dot", a waitress from former East Germany, who dreams of one day having her own bar; Klara, known as "Claire", daughter of a rich family who is only there to do some practical training; and David, a black dishwasher who has escaped from somewhere in Africa. Dubby is in love with David. As a precaution, the two of them have got hold of the key to the cable railway, just in case they should one day have had enough of life in the mountains. Carefree Claire knows nothing about people’s broken dreams, and her only thought is to get away from the village where she lives. She drinks, flirts, and seduces David, who longs to have something or someone to believe in, even if it’s only that Claire’s intentions are serious. When the jealous Dubby Dot challenges them, she sets in motion a process that can only lead to disaster.
With characteristically sharp precision, Walter Kohl depicts a generation that appears to have an unlimited number of options open to it. Anyone who is mobile and adaptable enough can get what he wants – that is the general view. But in this play the dishwasher remains a dishwasher. And he is all alone.

Besetzung: 2 Dame(n) , 1 Herr(en)
Alter: empfohlen ab 14
Uraufführung: 2007, Theater der Figur, Nenzing

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