chronos theatertexte

chronos theatertexte

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von Reihaneh Youzbashi Dizaji


2 f – 1 m; age 8 +; awaiting first production
*Berliner Kindertheaterpreis 2016

Lucas thinks Tina is great! Tina thinks Lucas is a bit weird… But he is really good at football. During school breaks, Tina and Lucas play football together. But then Mona appears on the scene. Mona is new to their school and also new in the country. She hasn’t yet learnt the language, but she can play football really well. Unfortunately, she starts off by scoring the first goal for Tina, which Lucas really resents. And anyway, Tina is his friend! The new girl should jolly well leave her alone. So he “just happens” to barge into Mona during the game and "accidentally" ruin her ball. But Mona still wants to play with them. Lucas goes berserk and Tina starts to play like a fury so angry is she. If Mona weren’t such a good sport, Lucas would have had to explain to his parents why their living room was wrecked. As it turns out, Lucas learns his lesson. Mona learns that grand gestures don’t require words. And what about Tina? Tina learns something about herself. She still thinks Lucas is weird, but maybe a little less weird than before.

Tina, Lucas and Mona are children on the brink of puberty. They seek nearness but suddenly experience distance. Things they used to take for granted now have to be justified. What once seemed inviolable is now put to the test. Mona, the stranger, is no different from Tina and Lucas, who become strangers to one another.

Besetzung: 2 Dame(n) , 1 Herr(en)
Alter: empfohlen ab 8
Uraufführung: frei zur UA
Preise und Auszeichnungen: Berliner Kindertheaterpreis 2016

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