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Vom König, der auszog

von Stefan Schroeder


The Wandering King

The King lives in a huge and impressive palace with lots of rooms and towers, large windows, and golden door handles. Every day he is given his favourite foods and is spoilt rotten from dawn till dusk. He has absolutely everything he wants. But one day he realizes that a golden palace can also be a golden cage, and he feels an urge to go out into the world. However, it soon becomes apparent to him that his precious crown no longer has any value on the other side of the golden gate, and suddenly he is not the man he thought he was. He begins to feel very lonely. On his long and adventurous journey, he meets deceivers and tempters, but also helpers. Now he must learn for himself to decide which voice and which path he should follow. He makes mistakes, and must accept his setbacks, but sometimes luck is simply on his side. Now the King finds a friend for life – or at least for a moment that can seem like a lifetime. When he finally returns to his palace, he is not only older and wiser, but he is also ready and willing to pass the crown to the next young king.

In his experience of life’s great adventure, the King represents all adolescents who long to get to know the world that lies beyond their playroom. Stefan Schroeder describes this journey in wonderfully poetic language, with vivid and powerful images for the mysteries and surprises that life has to offer. Nothing on this route is planned, and so the King and the spectator are confronted by the same unpredictability.

1 m or f, age 4+, awaiting first production



Besetzung: 1 Schauspieler/in (mit Figurenspiel)
Alter: empfohlen ab 4
Frei zur: UA

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