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von Finn-Ole Heinrich


A Helmet

Mini-drama for 1m (20-30 minutes); age 12 +; first produced at Theater Hagen on 04.03.2016, directed by Werner Hahn

A boy puts on a helmet. He will not remove it until things are back the way they ought to be. To reinforce his determination, he also fastens a chain around his chin that is unbreakable – as hard as the helmet! He puts up with teasing at school, endures the arguments with his family, fails to find a job, becomes a loner and a bit strange, but he doesn’t give up because of what he promised his father.

A short monologue that shows with breathtaking consistency how, in real life, time cannot always heal all wounds and that life can sometimes hurt so much that it throws us completely off course. The helmet wearer has become so obsessed with his position that he cannot give it up because that would mean losing both his childhood faith in the existence of a valid life order and the belief that catastrophes can be undone. We know this is impossible but would still like it to be true. And so we regard him with compassion and uneasy amusement, this man who is suffering and yet holds his helmet-clad head high in dignified madness.

Besetzung: 1 Herr(en)
Alter: empfohlen ab 12
Uraufführung: UA: Theater Hagen, 04.03.2016, Regie: Werner Hahn

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